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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Communities Coming Together to Aid Hurricane Victims and Survivors

The outpouring of community support for the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina has been amazing, from the housing taking place at Houston's Astrodome and Reliant Center to the efforts in other states to send supplies, donations and volunteers to aid those affected in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Be sure to check with your local Red Cross office or city offices and Web sites for a list of priorities and how you can most contribute.

PRSA National offers advice on its Web site, as well as provides details on the PRSA/Red Cross Program entitled "The Power of Two." The program involves trained public relations professionals who serve as volunteers during local and national disasters. PRSA and the American Red Cross established this program after Sept. 11, 2001, as a way for public relations professionals to use their skills to help in crisis situations. Click here to read more about the PRSA and Red Cross Power of Two program. And click here to see this program in action.

If you have two hours, two days or two weeks of time to give, you are asked to sign up for training at

No matter how you choose to help, let's not forget that we may depend on others for this very same help in the future.


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