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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Resumes 101 - The Basics

Today's tips for job hunting are focused on your résumé itself. Your résumé may be your first introduction to a potential employer, but you want to strive to network as much as possible and ensure potential employers have a face to put with the résumé.

First, consider the contact information you are providing on your résumé.

Do you provide a professional email address, i.e. not a “cutesy” one like Gain the respect of potential employers and always always use your first and last name in your email address. They also are more likely to remember you that way, too!

Make sure that if you provide a cell phone number that the voice message is courteous and professional. Opt to not have music playing in the background. If you have roommates that may answer the phone, be sure they know you may be getting calls for a job interview.

When considering what skills to list, only list those software applications you can operate if given the keyboard during an interview. Same with languages - only list those in which you are fluent.

When listing internship experiences, try to include as many results as possible, such as my work on ABC campaign increased participation by XYZ percent.

And before listing your references, ask their permission and give your contacts the heads-up that they may receive a call because you are applying for a job at XYZ company.

Please post your résumé questions or comments here to share with others!

Happy Job Hunting!


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