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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trying to Stay in the Saddle

Getting back in the blog saddle was quite an ordeal and now I must stay in the saddle.

I am finding each and every day that I am extremely dependent on technology, and I am even becoming impatient when I don't get an immediate response to an email or IM. My Blackberry service was out this morning when I woke up, and I really felt as though I wasn't "complete" until it started functioning properly. I frantically tried to send myself a message only to find that I couldn't connect to the company address book. I asked my fiancé to email me, and his Blackberry unresponsive as well. The world was ending, it seemed.

Why are we so dependent on these little devices? For me, I like to know what messages are waiting for me BEFORE I arrive at the office so I can begin thinking of solutions and responses on the drive in. If I can safely respond while waiting at a red light, admittedly, I will. Anything to get rid of one email in my world of Getting Things Done by David Allen. I am very proud of myself for leaving my Blackberry behind while on vacation over the Labor Day weekend. So, I can live without it, but prefer to stay connected as much as possible. It's hard to imagine what people did before email. I act as though I don't know what I did before email. I am a lagger when it comes to technology, so I didn't sign up for my first email account until 1998, and I rarely checked it. I didn't get my first Blackberry until 2006 if you can imagine that. My family is already arranging to confiscate the Blackberry's the night before the wedding!

I'm applying these same principles to planning our wedding, and it's amazing how much better I feel about an event that is supposed to be stressful and crazy. I like to plan ahead and this is definitely one of those instances when it pays off. We are a year away from the wedding and already have the ceremony and reception sites booked, selected and secured our photographer and videographer; arranged for the musical selections at the ceremony and reception; and my bridesmaids have their dresses.

I am happy to know that my background in public relations and communications can apply to my personal life as well. Here's to Getting Things Done!


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